Sunday, September 5, 2010

Brief Recap

I didn't forget about my blog.  I promise.  I have just been insanely busy setting up for school.  My classroom was in perfect condition after my mom and I left it and now...well it is still functional.  I've spent the past week and a half doing nothing but school stuff.  I've gone to numerous classes, meetings, functions, even a bus tour of the county.  I've been given chocolate, pens, pencils, highlighters, bags, and other random things such as a pizza cutter welcoming me to the county.  I've been spoiled.  When the kids come not bearing gifts, I will probably lash out at them. 

I am sorry but I did not take pictures of my classroom.  I was going to but was way too busy.  On Friday night, I thought about it but I had to leave for my nephew's thirteenth birthday party.  Literally, I'd been carrying my camera around since Wednesday but I was too busy to take any pictures.

Also, the class sizes are much smaller than I anticipated.  Didn't I tell you that my mother would inevitably be right and we wouldn't need all of those desks?  A part of me is excited that I will have smaller classes and then another part of me is slightly annoyed.  How does my mother know everything?

I haven't even seen Warren enough to write anything about him.  Well on Friday, he did send me a text while I was at work asking me if we had any wrapping paper.  I said if we did then it would be in the Christmas closet but I wasn't sure.  He texted me back to ask why I didn't just go look in the closet and let him know.  Does he think that everytime I go to "work" I am really just hiding in one of our spare guest bedrooms for 8 plus hours?

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  1. What are your class sizes?

    Warren probably thinks you are just that talented that you could look in the closet from school...